Paleo Rehab Presents

Is Paleo Making Your
Adrenal Fatigue Worse?

Learn the 3 Steps to heal from Adrenal Fatigue

Feb 26th
Presented by

Laura Schoenfeld &
Kelsey Kinney

Are you sick of feeling exhausted despite following a "healthy" Paleo diet and lifestyle?
Could it be possible that Paleo is CAUSING your Adrenal Fatigue?
Get your energy back (and feel as healthy as you did when you first went Paleo)!

Join us on Monday, February 26th, and you'll learn:

  • How a "healthy" Paleo diet and lifestyle can actually lead to Adrenal Fatigue
  • Why we hate the term "Adrenal Fatigue" (and what we call it instead)
  • The easy method for determining your ideal carbohydrate intake
  • How to know if you're accidentally following a low carb diet
  • How to adjust carb intake without your blood sugar going through the roof
  • The 3 most important lifestyle factors for keeping your stress and cortisol under control
  • And much more...

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