Intermittent fasting is very common in the Paleo community, due to its proposed health benefits when used appropriately. These benefits include weight loss, improved insulin sensitivity, increased cellular repair, improved neurogenesis, reduced inflammation, and even a reduced risk of cancer and increased lifespan. Not to mention the fact that intermittent fasting is very much in […]

How Breakfast Can Help You Heal From Adrenal Fatigue

I love health success stories. Who doesn’t? Many of the “Before and After” stories we see online are related to weight loss. Getting that bikini shot after losing 50 pounds is fine and all, but I find the stories about overcoming chronic illness far more inspiring. That’s why I’m stoked to share one of my […]

A Paleo Rehab Success Story

This is Episode 20 of The Ancestral RDs podcast, published on March 26, 2015. Today we’re going to be talking about all the different underlying causes of adrenal fatigue syndrome, which is also referred to as HPA axis dysregulation in the medical community. Last time we primarily focused on the way that a strict Paleo diet and lifestyle […]

The Many Causes of Adrenal Fatigue: Part 1